In A Word…

Remy emits a chorus of sounds that seem very much like he’s trying to have a conversation, often accompanied by one of his chubby, little fingers pointing at something. I particularly enjoy all the inflections that can be applied to aaah’s, oooh’s and other random sounds. Yes, Remy, I agree. Aaah-ooooh.


Apples Falling From Trees

They don’t fall far, as the saying goes.

I keep getting queries about Remy’s light colored hair. Yes, it’s a darker blonde. No, it’s no surprise because my hair was the same at that age. Yes, really. This to family members who don’t remember the details of my features from 38 years ago. Can’t imagine […]

2009 Triathlon Nationals Race Report

This was my third trip to Triathlon Nationals since starting doing triathlons in 2002. The first was in 2003 in Louisiana and I bonked, overheated and got soundly trounced. The second was in 2007 in Portland and I was, errr, overprepared and had a lackluster day but still squeaked out a 3rd AG finish. This […]

The Toddler Proof Hotel Room

They don’t exist, of course, but we did our best to adapt. Here’s our top changes:


All These New Teeth

Last I saw, three of the four upper teeth coming in have broken through, but if the quality of my sleep last night is an indic ator, maybe number four is making it’s appearance now. For all the tossing, turning, whining and crying Remy’s ouchy mouth is causing, there is a silver lining to the […]