Communication And Exploration

There were three glorious days in a row where Remy used the phrase “ma ma ma” with arms out to me and once with a milk baby sign. Since then, no ma ma’s, but we’re getting good use of the hand to mouth “eat” sign and hand pump “milk” sign. In fact, a little while […]

How I Approach My Swim Training And Why

From Gordo Byrn’s recent blog post:

TIP – it takes a lot less to get back to a previous level than attain it for the first time.


Feeling Water

I hear it all the time. I hear it from people who learned to swim later in life sometimes, but more often, I hear it from people who have swum lots. It’s the idea that one must swim with high frequency or lose a feel for the water.


Lighting A Fire

Over the years of racing I’ve learned that I only have so many matches. More specifically, I only have TWO of those big, long fireplace matches per year.


How To Tantrum

Hello folks. Today I’m going to share with you my advanced tantruming technique to be used any time you don’t get exactly what you want precisely when you want it.