Vaccuum Phobia

In the early days, the vaccuum was helpful in calming Remy.  Not that he was colicky or anything, but young infants sometimes get a little worked up and need help working themselves back down.  The vaccuum noise could do that.

Now the vaccuum has the opposite effect.  Even if I have him safely up in the nursery while I do a quick vaccuum down in the kitchen.  Distress.  Or, yesterday, when Gary vaccuumed up some sand he’d tracked indoors with Remy in the same room.  Panic.  Even before he turned on the machine.  Just plugging it in was enough to cause worry.

This makes it difficult to get any vaccuuming done.  We vaccuum infrequently as it is, but now we have an obstacle in addition to pure inertia.  If you come by to visit, don’t expect a spotless clean house.  You’re sure to be even more disappointed than usual.

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5 comments to Vaccuum Phobia

  • Angela Kidd

    That’s so weird. I wonder what caused the change in feelings toward the vacuum. Seems like a good excuse not to vacuum to me.

  • allison chapple

    We’re having the same trouble here. And with a black lab, not vacuuming is not acceptable. Let me know if and when you find a solution.

  • Angela

    Ryan will disappear to a different room and close the door, or even sit in a corner crying over the vacuum. He was okay with it for the first year, then disaster. It’s been slowly getting better over the last 2 years…he’s almost back to normal. I guess it just takes a while. Brayden has yet to get upset at the vacuum but I’m sure it will happen at some point.

  • I’ve heard that happens… Moana’s just going to have to get over it here bc I vacuum every day- the dog hair on the floor is just not acceptable when she’s crawling around- too much hair all over her hands and then she gets it all in her mouth.. ugh. Hope you can find a solution! Let us know what it is if you find one!

  • Rebecca

    This exact same thing happened to Elena! It was so strange since it was an overnight thing.

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