Snaggletooth Boy

We keep thinking that the top teeth will come in any day now, but they haven’t yet.  Even though he had a rough couple of ear-pulling, sore-mouthed days recently.  Can’t say that we’re concerned about it or anything, but it does mean we have to be careful about what kinds of finger foods he gets his little mits on. 

Chewing can’t be easy with a solitary tooth, but that doesn’t stop him from cramming too many cornflakes in this mouth than he can effectively dissolve and smoosh.  Or that handful of rice he crammed in his mouth one time.  These situations don’t end well, with the opposite result that I’m seeking, which is having him get a greater percentage of his calories in non-milk form than he has thus far.  Gag, puke.  Sigh…there goes all those solids we just got in him.

So what are some of his favorite non-milk items?  Plain soy yogurt, corn flakes, prune baby food, pureed pears, and corn cobs or apple cores for gnawing on.  Peas are good finger food that he handles well.  He eats several other things too, but not as enthusiastically as he prefers these other items.  We just have to be careful with the texture and size of pieces we give him.  It will get easier when he has more teeth.  Hopefully he won’t go knocking those out too.

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5 comments to Snaggletooth Boy

  • Glad Al isn’t the only one whose teeth take a long time to come in — she’s almost two and still no full set. I’m told that the longer it takes for teeth to come in, the stronger they will be.

  • More on teeth. With both parents having worn braces in childhood, it’s a safe assumption that we’ll be having some big orthodontist bills in our future.

  • Angela Kidd

    I’m already worried about orthodontists bills as well. Zach’s two front top teeth seem really far apart. Maybe they’ll grow together but I’m guessing he’s going to have some space between his teeth like his daddy.

    Have you tried ripe blueberries? Those are very popular (and messy) here.

  • Allison Chapple

    Oh, feeling your pain here. Baker has four coming in on top at once. He’s miserable!

  • Blueberries sound promising yet messy. We have blackberries ripening daily in our garden, but I keep having images of impossible to remove dark, purple stains on half of his shirts, so haven’t gone there yet. Bibs these days tend to get ripped off within seconds.

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