Nature Boy

Remy looooooooves the outdoors.  Love love love love loves it.  We can’t pass by the front door without him leaning and reaching toward the door knob whining to go outside.  And don’t you go stepping outside for a moment without him along.   Oh nooooooo.  It doesn’t matter if it’s cold and/or raining either, which means we’ve spent some time hanging out on the back porch even though it is a den of baby danger.

So Remy spends lots of time in the swingset sandbox area.  Sort of.  He also likes to crawl around the surrounding wood-chipped and wooded area and up to the back porch stairs.  He can get himself up the first stair then gets a little stuck.  These are taller and narrower than the front porch stairs that he’s got nailed.   He also likes to pick clover flowers and put them in his mouth with flower stem hanging out.  Not sure what that’s about, but it sure does look funny.

As a result of all this outdoor activity, poor little guy has a continual display of ugly red mosquito bites on the exposed parts of his body.  We have some bug repellant sunscreens, sprays and creams, but they have all these DANGER warnings about using them on small children.  No way.  I sent Gary to Whole Foods to buy some herbal all natural insect repellant and the next time I see my boy I got quite a noseful.  He’s quite the smellicious little guy.  Even his ever-thickening baby hair is kind of sticky with the stuff.  I suggested a more moderate application technique for the next time.

Other ways to appease Nature Boy have been stroller walks and time in the play pen monitoring Daddy’s yard work.  We added a new activity this week, though.  The Burley bike trailer!  Finally, I decided that he’s big and solid enough (and to heck with the helmet requirement) to handle bouncing around at higher speeds than I can run.  He seems to like it fine.  In fact, yesterday I looked back to see how he was handling the twenty-something mph downhill and discovered that he’d dozed off.  I guess that means he wasn’t frightened. Remy gets a big Ric Flair woo for that.

Anyway, the ace in the hole we always have if he’s fussing for non-obvious reasons is to take him outside.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what he was fussing for in the first place.  You should see his whole body happy squeal with delight when we step outside with him.  It’s hard not to wear our own smiles when our little man displays such obvious joy.  Besides, we rather like the outdoors too.

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2 comments to Nature Boy

  • That’s awesome that he likes the Burley. And I’m a big fan of the whole body happy squeal as well. Zach gets whatever he wants when he does that.

  • P.S. The Ric Flair commentary is thanks to Daddy Gary. Mommy had no idea that Ric Flair’s nickname was Nature Boy. Now she does.

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