Theory Infatuation

Lately, I’ve had the rare opportunity to observe two incredibly bright academic / Ph.D. types in the final throes of development of their new theoretical models. Let me tell you what. They love them their theories. Love love love love.


Remy Rulez

Listen up, here how it is. The new version of Remy’s Household Rulez

Bathtub : Must standup. Its a control issue but makes it hard to get the hair washed Toilet paper: Must be unrolled as soon as possible Refrigerator Door: Must remain open as long as I want. Quit shutting the door in my […]

Vaccuum Phobia

In the early days, the vaccuum was helpful in calming Remy. Not that he was colicky or anything, but young infants sometimes get a little worked up and need help working themselves back down. The vaccuum noise could do that.


Hot Child In The City

The title is an inside joke. There is a song from a few decades ago that I thought had those words as lyrics. Those are not the correct lyrics, but we are having a heatwave in these parts.


Snaggletooth Boy

We keep thinking that the top teeth will come in any day now, but they haven’t yet. Even though he had a rough couple of ear-pulling, sore-mouthed days recently. Can’t say that we’re concerned about it or anything, but it does mean we have to be careful about what kinds of finger foods he gets […]