Postpartum Racing

Lately I’ve been thinking about how racing is different for me this year compared to previous years. I know my experience is mine and doesn’t apply to everyone who just had a baby, but I’m sure some of you can relate.


May Pictures

For the grandparents and baby photo hounds, we uploaded some more recent pictures from the past month recently. Here’s the link to the latest stuff.

Overcoming Obstacles

You may be thinking that this is another one of those performance topic posts, but you’d be wrong. This one is baby news about the determined little guy that doesn’t let much stop him. I wish I had a picture of the eye-squinty, wrinkled nose, determined grin expression he wears when he’s bee-lining to something […]

Shedding A Tyr

Back in 2007, I did Silverman Iron Distance Triathlon. One of the prizes was a grassroots sponsorship in 2008 with Tyr which is a pretty cool deal.


Nelson Bay Triathlon

This is such a cool, little race. It’s been on-again, off-again through the years. Last time I did it, it was supposed to be the last time it was held, but Finish Strong Series has revived it. Good for me, because it’s nice and close to my in-laws. Family road trip!