The Malcontent

Remy and I were sitting out on the front porch this morning when our neighbor Jay came by walking his dogs.  No, this is most definitely not the neighbor whose dog bit my butt a few weeks ago.  So, anyway, while chatting he mentioned that a friend came by his house with their baby who was about a year old.  A little bigger than Remy but didn’t even crawl yet.  Said he seemed content to stay where he was put.  Every child has their own schedule.

After he left I started pondering the word “content” and how that would apply to Remy.  He’s a happy, curious baby, but honestly, I can’t think of any time I would describe him as content.  Maybe when he’s sleeping he’s content, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s dreaming about scaling our furniture like Elena.  When he’s awake, even if he’s just been fed and diapered, he’s attempting some skill just out of his capability or reaching for some object that he may or may not ought have.   The kid is never satisfied…never content to enjoy what he has in the here and now. 

He’s happiest when he’s stretching his boundaries, but not always because he can get frustrated if things aren’t working the way he wants them to.  If he’s sitting with a toy and sees something to pull himself up on, he reaches for that, then attempts to pull himself up.  So then he gets himself standing* and is that good enough?  Heck no.  He starts one handing it, then looking for something else to grab and move over to.  He’s not stable enough to cruise safely, but why should that stop him?  It doesn’t.

I would have thought this sort of disatisfaction with current abilities would come later in life because do babies really think of the future?  Then I figured that it was something that all babies had to motivate them to learn things.  But now I’m thinking that maybe it’s a personality characteristic.  Errrm…genetic.  Inherited from his mother.


* With or without help because I can’t tell you how many times he’s bonked his noggin trying to pull himself up on the rocking chair or using the diaper bag for questionable leverage instead of sturdy wood railings.  Sometimes it’s just best to give him a little boost rather than let him keep trying until he gets surprised by a solid object connecting with his forehead.

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2 comments to The Malcontent

  • Angela Kidd

    Zach is the same way. He is constantly looking for and moving towards the next thing. At Gymboree today the mother of a baby that was 10 months old was so impressed with Zach’s moving skills because her little girl just likes to stay put. I wish I knew what that was like. Sounds like Zach and Remy would have fun hanging out with one another.

  • Rebecca

    From what I read on all the triathlete/baby blogs, I have decided that Remy, Zach, and Elena are a lot alike. I have felt like Elena’s physical milestones were so rapid, she always seemed ready to take on the next challenge. Perhaps my blog will help prepare you for the type of antics that Remy will be getting himself into.

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