Sandbox And Swingset

Earlier dad went up he street and came back carrying a swingset. Then he wa soff to get some big heavy railroad timbers and he called in an ordr for 2 yards of playground sand. I may be the new kid on the block but that adds up to a swingset sandbox combo. […]

Duathlon Nationals in Richmond

The previous weekend I turned to Gary and commented that I hoped it wouldn’t be cold or wet at Du Nats because that would be miserable for racers and spectators. Me and my big mouth. Well, I got my wish. Record high temperatures descended upon Richmond last weekend as if mother nature had time warped […]

Spring Day Pictures

The weather has been really nice so Remy and I spent some time out on the front lawn. Here’s the best of all the pictures I took. The trick for a non-photog such as myself is to take a whole bunch and keep only the best. And, yes, our “lawn” has at least as much […]

Drama Resolution Geometry

Over the past month, I’ve observed, read about and seen a variety of situations that reminded me of a particular conflict management model called a drama triangle. This is something I learned from my super smart mentor, Stan Smith. Just so I don’t reinvigorate any dramas, no one instance initiated this post. It was a […]

Gotta Move On

Hullo peeps, this is Remy-to-the-Z. I’ve been keeping Daddy so busy that he just now got my skillz vid all edited and stuff. It’s from a week ago which might as well be ancient, pre-historic times as far as I’m concerned.