For The Record

Yesterday was the 6 month 3 week mark and a busy one at that. Mr. Chews a Lot was gnawing on my finger and I discovered an edge of tooth poking through the bottom gums. Big man’s on his way to a set of pearly whites! What’s a little strange is that while he’s still […]

Stand Up Guy And Other Stuff

I’m trying peepull. I get on my hands and knees cuz I want to go places, touch things and test my limits. But my limits are too short. I get skared cuz I’m wurried that I’ll fall on my face. I don’t know what to do and my arms get tyrd. But I’m gonna keep […]

Race Report – Cary Duathlon

Remy woke up earlier than usual race morning, which was perfect, because that’s when we needed to get up anyway. It’s still quite a challenge dealing with all the extra gear and variables, but Gary was a trooper and helped out a ton. It also helped to have most items prepped the night before. So […]

Distractible Baby Does Reverse Cycling

Thanks to Kerrie, I discovered the fancy schmancy official jargon for what my child is doing. But before you get all impressed by the title, it doesn’t mean that my 6 1/2 month old is riding a bike backwards. That would be pretty amazing, but alas, reverse cycling is something totally different. He’s doing much […]

Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy

Gary and I may not be the most gentle people around (we’re not), but it’s not like we purposely rough-house with Remy just because he’s a boy or something. He likes being thrown up into the air (not dangerously), hung upside down and in general being swung side to side and all around. We know […]