Favorable Winds

Isn’t it awesome when the back half of a ride is better than the first half?  Today it warmed up and the second 26 miles was (mostly) with wind at our backs.  LOVE it!  Earned it too with our noses into the cold wind earlier on. 

We crossed paths and rode with the Bicycle Chain road ride for a while.  That was fun, especially being on my road bike since my TT bike is still Powercranked and with the old handlebars.  I should go do some road rides again.  I miss doing those.

I should also get the race bike jazzed up for the season with shiny new handlebars, normal cranks and whatever else I end up needing replaced.  Surely something.  The little titanium beauty collected some dust for several months.   Later this month we will do that.

Cycling is going well.

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  • Great job with the biking – its all coming back – that’s super! Love how the site looks, it’s really great! Hope that you had a nice weekend :)

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