Providing Direction

So much about child rearing is about providing direction, right? Well, there’s been plenty of directing going on but it’s Remy doing the directing. As much as an almost 6 month old can with his limited vocabulary.

Sometimes I’ll insert my best interpretation of what he’s really trying to say. Here’s some of […]

Chick Magnets

RemyZ here…

OK fellas I’ve got the scoop on the womens. All you got to do is wear one of these big bird hats with the ear flaps. You can either leave the chin strap open or closed, does not matter.

Was in the shopping cart waiting in line and noticed that every women that […]

Self Definition

When we ask the question “Who am I?”, it begs the follow up query “Who do I want to be?” with a gap analysis and, hopefully, a plan to close the gap. Otherwise, why bother? Just keep describing yourself to people you meet by your job, age, family and/or sports interests. That fills in the […]

Electric Baby

Gary and I have tried to keep the toy selection as low tech as possible without being totally anal about it, so it’s pretty funny how much fascination Remy has with any thing electronic. The CD Player, the laptop, and anything else that appears to have buttons yet may or may not actually have buttons. […]

String Theory

I luv strings. Sometimes Mommy n Daddy also call them wyrz, blind kords & hare, but I know itz all string theory. When I move one end, something happens somewhere else, whether it’s the levlor blinds going upp, uther things mooveing or Mommy n Daddy saying OUCH. So KUUUL! I luv strings.