Back Porch Day

I’ve been watching the doppler show the cold rain bands skirting just east and west of my home to decide if it’s run or trainer.  I decided on trainer to give my legs a little break.  I still have the time trial Tachyon loaded up with Powercranks, so that’s what I did for 54 minutes.  Hard to complain about cold when it’s just 40 degrees…oh who am I kidding, it’s very easy to complain.  It’s just not terribly useful. 

At any rate, I lasted 54 minutes of cranking then another 7 minutes on the sled.  Both these devices are on our back porch.  Our house is not spacious, which works out nicely for cleaning purposes and us not being the sorts of people that throw big parties.  That’s three times on the sled in one week, which is a record, I think.  I’m pretty sure 54 minutes of powercranking is some kind of record too.  You know, the kind of record that other people break on a daily basis.  Ha ha ha ha!

So how do I pass those trainer minutes on a cold back porch without any musical accompaniment?  That’s right, I gave up on the MP3’s for now.  I have yet to find earbuds that are small enough to fit in my apparently tiny ears without hurting.  The other problem is that my MP3 with the workout music tends to de-power itself when it hasn’t been used in several days and I rarely think ahead to power it up in advance.  Hence, my music-less trainer experience.  It’s not so bad.  I know all the comings and goings of my immediate neighbors for the slice of time I spend out there. 

Here’s my fancy workout that I created to occupy myself.  Warm up 6 minutes.  The remainder of the workout is in 3 minute series of three different hand positions–  1 min hands on elbow pads, 1 min aero position, 1 min hands on bullhorns.  Start at a light/moderate resistance.  Increase 2 cogs, repeat series, decrease 1 cog, repeat.  Eventually I end up on the hardest gear.  Then I decrease 2, increase 1, etc. until I decide I’ve had enough.  Exciting, huh? 

Coach Remy watched for the first 20 minutes until he got too cold.  He didn’t give me any good feedback because he seemed hypnotized by my feet going round and round.  I felt motivated by his presence though.  I won’t fire him.


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