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My nose is running and so am I.  There was a short hiatus from last Sunday through Tuesday where I did no exercise save a little bit on the sled and some core work due to the yucky cold I caught.  I think back to years where I’ve had races on the horizon and volume goals to meet and would feel stressed out by this hole in my training log.  Not so this year.  Sure, I looked forward to feeling well enough to want to work out again, but I’m a firm believer in life dishing out what we need if we just release our suffocating grasp on our schedules and goals enough to get the message. 

So I choose to believe that the few days off were pretty good for me.  The first run back was Wednesday.   It was an OK 6 miles.  The fever had abated, but I didn’t feel like my energy was back yet.  So the next day I did a short ride on the cruiser bike to buy diapers and wipes at Babies R Us.  No run.  Then I ran Friday and today.  Those runs felt good, although sniffles and the occasional hacking cough still spice up my days. 

During today’s run, I was thinking about how everyone that’s given birth this year whose blog I read is running faster/further/more frequently than I am.  If there’s a race going on, I’m the turtle here.  So am I the same person who used to win races and medaled in World Championships in past years?  Will I ever be that person again?  Does it really matter?  I mean, gee, I really want to spend several months at base pace before ramping up the intensity and “getting serious.” 

I remember how my legs ache after those long, hard runs.  I remember how tired I was almost all the time.  Silly thing to be concerned about anyway because except in cases where I’m overtrained, I seem to pull more speed out of my body in race conditions than I ever do during training.  Besides, I just want to be reasonably fast by August / September.  Before then, it’s about racing as a social activity.  I sense that things will work out just fine.


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  • It’ll all work out, Alicia. I read everyone else’s blog and feel like I am slow and out of shape. No comparing ;).

  • Rebecca

    I feel the same way when I read everyone else’s blog, including yours! I think that you will totally rock all of your races regardless of how you think training is going. You have put a lot into the ‘pain bank’ over the years (including the labor pain bank) and this is totally going to pay off.

  • Hey Alicia – do what you need to do to make yourself happy and don’t compare to others. :) Doing your best with what you have given the circumstances is all you need. Everything else will sort it out – just be happy and healthy! If you want to return to top form (ironman champ! and world champ – fantastic!), I have zero doubt that you will do it! Then again – the “race” isn’t won in January, right? You’ve got bigger fish to fry when it counts. :)

  • I think all of us feel the same way. I feel slow when I read other’s blogs as well (especially in the pool). Plus, I think you were in a faster place than a lot of us before getting pregnant so it’s a little easier for some of us to get to back to our old selves because we don’t have nearly as far to go.

  • I feel for you. I’m still not able to run four months postpartum thanks to some labor complications so it’s really hard to read everyones blogs about their increasing volume and pace. Just be thankful you can run :)

  • I think part of it is my amazement at the motivation many of you have to get back into racing and intensity so soon. Of course, if I’d gotten pregnant several years ago before I’d checked several accomplishments off the list, I’d be in the same boat with the same motivation. Or maybe it’s my advanced age. USAT says I’m 39 already. Ha ha ha ha!

  • it’s good, actually, for me to hear you saying you feel slow or unmotivated to train hard. it is daunting to hear how much everyone else is doing – i don’t see where the time comes from now! and i am just a recreational runner/cyclist – so i’m trying to remind myself that i just do this for fun, speed is only a bonus! i think any of us who get back out there in whatever form so soon after a baby are awesome.

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