For The Love Of Company Mill

Anyone from this area knows Umstead Park with its miles upon miles of bridle and single track trails. One of my favorite routes is Company Mill, a single track lollipop route that covers about 6 miles. This is not a PR course, with about 1200 feet of elevation gain and sections of 10-20% grade over […]

Foam Roller Reprise

I’m back on the foam roller wagon. I first rolled the IT bands a few weeks ago and thought, hm, a little painful but not nearly the agony it’s been before. Perhaps I should start doing this on a regular basis before things get out of hand. Great idea that I didn’t follow.

Which takes […]

Quality Shmality

Strangely, there are people who are interested in my workouts more than they are in baby stories. It is for you, dear people, that I share this.

Today is chilly rainy day trainer day. I know there are people out there doing hopped up group computrainer competitions and whatnot, but I just hang out […]

Dinner Time

I’d like to start by saying that my husband used potato flour to lightly bread the fried shrimp last night and it was awesome. Like fried shrimp and french fries together. No, we don’t eat a lot of fried foods, but how can you live in the south and not enjoy a little fried shrimp […]

Fat Joe And Tuff Hedeman

I might be the last person on earth to do so, but I just discovered those day of the year pages on Wikipedia. They list events, births and deaths on that particular date throughout the years. It’s a good place to go and see what happened on yours, your spouses or childrens’ birthdates. Just for […]