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Trip To The In-Laws

My mother- and father-in-law are into being grandparents, so it’s a good thing that they moved from Chicago a few years ago to retire in Beautfort, NC. We drove out Saturday and spent the night and came back not too long ago.

Remy was a doll– smiling, laughing and cooing his cute self to […]


It’s super official. We watch too much of it.

A few days ago Remy started paying attention to the idiot box and last night he was crying when Gary didn’t hold him in a direction where he could watch. The night before I was holding him and turned him away from the TV while he […]

The 6+ Month Bags Are Empty

We’ve got lots of great baby clothes as hand me downs from family and other gifts. They’re in sizes ranging to 18 months or so. Sounds like a long time, but Remy’s only 1.5 weeks short of 3 months old and we’ve officially moved the 6-9 / 6-12 month clothing from the bags in the […]

How We Roll

Had fun at Umstead today with Alisha, Lindsey and Janice on the bikes. Janice has a motor in her– very out of shape due to more stuff than any decent person should have to go through in a 3 year period, but still putting the hurt on the rest of us going up hills. Alisha […]


Yesterday I didn’t run. I wanted to, but I just had too many other things to do. I did a little bit of core, rode my cruiser a whole mile to the office and back, then did a short session of plyometrics. Hoo boy. Post partum plyometrics, let me tell you what. Nothing quite so […]

Bottomless Pit

We tried to write down the times Remy eats to try and figure out a schedule. For a few days, there was some semblence of pattern. Not exactly, but approximately. Until yesterday when he started eating a whole lot and often. To heck with a schedule. We can’t hardly find any opportunity for tummy time […]

Fuzz Head

Remy came out on his birth day with some fine strands of hair. Not as many tresses as I had as a newborn, but a reasonable amount. As time went by, some of the hair got rubbed off where he laid his head and moved it all around when he was being a wriggle worm, […]

A Running Dialogue

I was thinking today, surprisingly enough, while running. Oh, you know, it happens sometimes. Besides, my running these days isn’t intense enough to warrant moment to moment focus on my form and next steps. I’ve got spare bandwidth for other random thoughts.

One of the not-so-random ideas I was mulling over was run related […]

Magic Basket

We have a small table with a basket next to the front door that has a variety of things including sunglasses, a big or two, drool rags, stopwatch, MP3 player, etc. Also next to the basket is the living room chair I normally sit in. That basket is the most fascinating thing ever to Remy. […]

Road Bike Newb And Genius Baby

It’s not so bad as really starting over, but dang I did some things that made me look like I hadn’t ridden one of them thar fancy carbon road bikes before. You know, the ones with skinny wheels? Well I have ridden my road bike before but it’s been a fair while. That’s my excuse […]