Hands And Feet

I’ve heard from other mothers that once your feet grow during pregnancy, they stay bigger. Maybe that’s true, but I put some nice flats I bought near the end of pregnancy and I nearly walked right out of them. What? What’s this? Now what to wear with these brown slacks? I tell you what I […]

Childhood Memories

Last week I had a conversation with a friend who is also a father of an 8-month old and a 4-year old. Something the older child had done brought back memories of his younger years. He had been a bully until a particular age when he started to feel guilty about the way he’d treated […]

Oh Umstead, It’s Been So Long!

One of the things I’ve missed is riding my cross bike in fall weather through woodsy and rolling Umstead Park bridle trails. Today, I was back. What a pretty day!

When I first hopped on the cross bike, I was like oh wow this bike feels agressive compared to the Nancy. Then I looked […]

Big Adventures

Remy made the rounds today. First, after sleeping in really late, we stroller jogged a couple miles away to a Mother’s Club yard sale. There were patchy drizzles that got us a little wet, especially at one point. I stopped and checked out the little guy and he was smiling and speckled with drops. Funny […]

Other Birth Announcements

For those of you who don’t read Gordo Byrn’s blog on a regular basis and who are not currently pregnant, I heartily recommend the most recent post. Everything he says in it is true. If you’re pregnant, don’t read it yet. Wait until after. No need to fill your head with concerns about long, tough […]