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Billable Hours

Yippee! I logged about a half day’s worth of billable hours yesterday, with 1 1/2 of those actually in an office (commuted the 1 mile by bike thank you very much). I am re-entering the adult world. Yes, there are people that think I’m a professional adult. Ha ha. Suckers! Anyway, this is no 9-5 […]

Big News, Small T-Shirt

Sometime in the o-dark-early hours this morning I put on a size small T-shirt and realized it fit. OK, well, the belly still has a paunch poking out and the shirt is a wee tight around the…erm…chest area, but it still fits. Size small! Clothing changes at night are commonplace because apparently all this milk […]

Father And Son Photos


Semi-Automation And Progress

We used the breast pump yesterday and it worked great. Remy isn’t having any trouble transitioning from breast to bottle and back. Also, it’s interesting to get a more accurate view of how much the little guy is putting away. Well, I still have no idea how much he’s getting from the innumerable non-bottle feeds […]

Four Miles

That’s what I’ve run so far total. Tuesday’s run was much slower and with the baby-filled jogger, so the hills turned big again. Today it was time for a break so we went for a nice long walk instead. I’m not one of those runner types who can run every day and not fall to […]


That was me this morning after a harrowing night of endless feedings and diaper changes. From about midnight to 8am, there were easily 7 diaper changes and at least 5 feedings. As soon as I was done with one round and laid my tired head down for 5-10 minutes, we started all over again. If […]

Growing Boy

He’s getting bigger. The reason we know this is because the 10 lb and under diapers don’t fit any more without leaking. In fact, I am ashamed to say, that the super-cute cloth diapers made by Laurie’s sister don’t fit snugly around Remster’s legs and result in leakage. We still use them sometimes, but it […]

Bath Time

With the umbilical cord gone, it was time for a real bath. I’m not sure Remy knew what to think about it. We got some nice warm water in the little baby tub and placed the naked baby in there. He looked like he was ready to cry but was surprised by the warmth of […]

The Long Road Back To Fitness

It has begun, like a trickle from the smallest mountain spring. I began some approved post partum exercises such as head and shoulder lifts, leg slides and whatnot. All very simple stuff. It’s not good to rush abdominal strength development when one’s abs are still “unzipped” by 3-4 finger widths.

We’re also incorporating regular walks. […]

What I Can Do

I won’t lie. Recovery from that labor experience is serious business. The Birthing Center where I gave birth has only a 2% episiotomy rate, but you can count me as part of that 2%. While the procedure is over-used in the medical community, there are times where it’s appropriate and this was one of them. […]