Billable Hours

Yippee! I logged about a half day’s worth of billable hours yesterday, with 1 1/2 of those actually in an office (commuted the 1 mile by bike thank you very much). I am re-entering the adult world. Yes, there are people that think I’m a professional adult. Ha ha. Suckers! Anyway, this is no 9-5 […]

Big News, Small T-Shirt

Sometime in the o-dark-early hours this morning I put on a size small T-shirt and realized it fit. OK, well, the belly still has a paunch poking out and the shirt is a wee tight around the…erm…chest area, but it still fits. Size small! Clothing changes at night are commonplace because apparently all this milk […]

Father And Son Photos


Semi-Automation And Progress

We used the breast pump yesterday and it worked great. Remy isn’t having any trouble transitioning from breast to bottle and back. Also, it’s interesting to get a more accurate view of how much the little guy is putting away. Well, I still have no idea how much he’s getting from the innumerable non-bottle feeds […]

Four Miles

That’s what I’ve run so far total. Tuesday’s run was much slower and with the baby-filled jogger, so the hills turned big again. Today it was time for a break so we went for a nice long walk instead. I’m not one of those runner types who can run every day and not fall to […]