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The Crumpler and I rented a couple of DVD’s to watch this weekend. After all, there’s nothing on TV these days with the Olympics done, not that there’s anything wrong with that. So we walk (waddle) out of Blockbuster (commuted there by bike natch) with movies about a couple of interesting people I’d never heard […]

Being Heard

One of the trends I’ve noticed in recent dreams is a theme of wanting to share some important, insightful information with people but having a hard time being heard. One of these dreams I recall trying to talk, then yell, louder and louder but it came out raspy and quiet. No one paid attention. Now, […]

Mr. Exerciser Guy

That gal Fay, the tropical storm, or her remnants, have definitely minimized the amount of riding I’ve been able to do these past couple days. But that’s OK, because the Remster is making up for my relative sloth. I think he’s even doing bicycle legs in between his various wriggling movements and hiccups.

I […]

Fingernails And Cows

My fingernails tend to grow pretty long as a rule, because I attend to them so infrequently. Ever since that terrible fungal infection in my fingernails in college taught me that I’m allergic to fingernail polish, I don’t even wear that stuff. I just let them grow and trim/file them down only when necessary.


Awesomely Super Nursery

Here we are. Just imagine a levelor blind the approximate color of the upper background greenish color and we are done. Oh, and a baby. Eventually, there will be a baby in there too.

Now the pictures:


OK Yes I Am Nesting

It’s official. I finally had the energy to match the motivation to have my environment set and ready. The house is looking pretty good. The car seat is installed. The bags are mostly packed except for the stuff that won’t go in until we’re heading out (snacks, pillows, etc.) And. And (sound of trumpet) the […]


I am feeling greatly motivated towards a sense of completion of all things related to pregnancy and birth. Let’s get this nursery painted and done. Let’s get the bags packed and ready. Oh, and the house…it could use some cleaning.

Now, I don’t know anything about the fabled energy surge of the late term […]

Random Bike Related Stories

In honor of biking, the wonderful thing that it is, here are some found stories to share:

Hitching a Ride With Horner

Bike Paths, Those Environmental Hazards

More Insanity Blocking Bike Paths in San Francisco

Saddle Cream Not Marketed to Women

Happy Birthday To Me!

We made it. Thirty-seven weeks and full term at thirty-eight years of life. What do I get for my birthday? I dunno…piece of mind, some birthday cards, lunch with the colleagues and a watermelon from my sweetie.

Yes, I still need to pack the bag. BUT…I do have a list printed out of items to […]

About The Bike I’m Riding

I’m amazed that so many of you found running do-able yet not biking. Maybe it’s because I’m on a cruiser bike which has a very upright position with the weight on the sit bones over a wide spring-backed leather saddle. To illustrate, here is a picture of the cruiser saddle with an example of the […]