I made it to a pre-dinner get together with the other prenatal yoga Moms. I don’t know everyone’s name, but I thought it would be fun to expand my social circle outside of triathletes, close family and a few co-workers. Fear not, though, I haven’t totally lost my triathlete quirkiness. I did ride my cruiser […]

The Size Of A Small Watermelon

I bet you thought I was pregnant, didn’t you? An unnamed photog caught these surprising shots that tell the real tale.

Ha ha, just kidding! I’m just carrying a 29 1/2 week watermelon sized uterus everywhere I go.

Time to go eat watermelon now. Yum!


Be All You Can Be

What am I? Who are you? I know how we respond to these queries– by listing our activities, professions and accomplishments. For a partial list– I am a pragmatic Human Resources Consultant, somewhat decent yet out of practice artist, wife of awesome Gary, soon to be mother, previously fairly successful in academics and elite amateur […]

Gnats And Tiny Robots

So I’m telling The Crumpler about how a gnat flew up my nose about halfway through my morning jog and didn’t get snotted back out for at least a mile and a half. In the meantime, I can feel this foreign once-living object up in my sinus cavity in between fervent, ineffectual nasal exhalations. Later, […]

Nicknames And Relaxin And Running

It’s hard not to start using pet names for the little guy. Rem Rem, Remster, Mr. Kickypants, Squirmy-Wormy, Thumper, Nuggin, so on. Yesterday was an active day for little Remykins. He doesn’t have so much room to float around freely, so many of his movements are right against the uterine walls right where they are […]