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The Noseclip Experiment

Stupid noseclip. How can people swim with those claustrophobia-inducing things on? After decades of entrenched programming that tells my body to blow air out of my nose while my face is under water without giving it a single thought, losing that capability creates a chain of negative impacts that I hadn’t considered.

First of […]

Personal Space

Remy’s developing some noticable habits. Like, for example, when I sit forward to a degree that the bottom of my uterus get’s a little compressed, I get kicky-kicky-kicks right at those spots. After this has happened about 30-40 times, I’m getting the distinct impression that the little one doesn’t like to feel crowded. This is […]

I’m A Commuter!

Yes, I did it. Me and The Nancy, we rode into the office. Yeah, it’s only a mile from my house, but I commuted by bike. I feel so trendy and earth-friendly I can barely stand it. The problem was lunch time. The pregnant lady was hungry and a sheet of rain came between her […]

Time Horizons

It’s been a while since I committed to writing more on this topic and how it impacts endurance athletics. Part of what stopped me, I think, is accidentally implying the betterness of some coaches over others knowing full well that there are a handful coaches who read this blog. I guess I worry a little […]

Brick Day

What another beautiful day and I’m off for a run the dirt part of the American Tobacco Trail portion off Massey Chapel. Now that I’ve got a commuter bike, I decide I should most definitely commute to run. Sez Gary, “Oh, you’re doing a brick?” Ha! Well I guess I am. I’ve ridden my cross […]


OK. This race deserves its own blog post. I’m sorry I missed it. I particularly enjoy the tongue in cheek “professional athlete controversy.” Also, here’s a link to the author’s blog with more details.

Riding The Nancy

I rode the new coaster cruiser today. With backpedal brakes and automatic 3-speed shifting, it’s quite a different way of riding from my other sets of wheels. Gary rode his red Sid cruiser, but his shifters aren’t working. We didn’t really notice the problem yesterday when he rode next to me as I ran, because […]

I Can Swim

I did it. I got in the lake and I still float. The water was a little cool at first, but just right once I got moving. I’m guessing the water ranged from 72-74, which I can’t verify because Gary’s fancy-schmancy digital thermometer only works when it’s got a live battery installed.

So what […]

I Feel Even Cuter Already

That’s what I said after taking the Nancy for a short parking lot spin today at Performance Bike. After looking over the Craigs List options and adding on the cost of inevitable repairs for the 70’s model bikes we had our eyes peeled on, the total cost would be minimally different from what we’d pay […]


Yesterday I was stiff in the legs and hips so I forego the trainer and spend over an hour stretching and doing various yoga moves. It helped and I woke up this morning with a lot more fluidity in the joints. I did get in a short, little cross ride on the trails over lunch, […]