The Noseclip Experiment

Stupid noseclip. How can people swim with those claustrophobia-inducing things on? After decades of entrenched programming that tells my body to blow air out of my nose while my face is under water without giving it a single thought, losing that capability creates a chain of negative impacts that I hadn’t considered.

First of […]

Personal Space

Remy’s developing some noticable habits. Like, for example, when I sit forward to a degree that the bottom of my uterus get’s a little compressed, I get kicky-kicky-kicks right at those spots. After this has happened about 30-40 times, I’m getting the distinct impression that the little one doesn’t like to feel crowded. This is […]

I’m A Commuter!

Yes, I did it. Me and The Nancy, we rode into the office. Yeah, it’s only a mile from my house, but I commuted by bike. I feel so trendy and earth-friendly I can barely stand it. The problem was lunch time. The pregnant lady was hungry and a sheet of rain came between her […]

Time Horizons

It’s been a while since I committed to writing more on this topic and how it impacts endurance athletics. Part of what stopped me, I think, is accidentally implying the betterness of some coaches over others knowing full well that there are a handful coaches who read this blog. I guess I worry a little […]

Brick Day

What another beautiful day and I’m off for a run the dirt part of the American Tobacco Trail portion off Massey Chapel. Now that I’ve got a commuter bike, I decide I should most definitely commute to run. Sez Gary, “Oh, you’re doing a brick?” Ha! Well I guess I am. I’ve ridden my cross […]