Local Flora

These little neighborhood walks I’ve been doing are having a sort of impact I hadn’t suspected. Because I have more time to check out each flower, bush and weed I stroll by, I end up testing my knowledge of local wildflower names. It brings me back to a high school Biology class project where we […]

On The Move

Remy’s not entirely predictable, but I’m beginning to get a sense of his sleep/wake cycles. Some days I feel more motion than others, but here’s what I do know:

1. When I’m walking or running, he sleeps. I know this for sure because on a couple of occasions, going down hills especially, I can feel […]

Hot And Cranky Takes The Cake

It used to be that my body temperature would generally drop in the evenings, so that I would get chilled easily. Not so when I’m pregnant. I am a furnace, baby. Since the outdoor temperatures were in the 70’s, we refused to turn on the A/C. But you know what they say– it’s not the […]

Beautiful Day For A Ride

Oh, yes. Eighty degrees and blue skies and light breezes. Can’t beat that with a stick. I will say that there are some hills around here that aren’t long or anything, but are just steep enough so that I’m peering back at my cassette looking for another cog. I think I need this cassette.


Gas Prices

As high as they are, until I stop seeing people driving around town in Hummers and Escalades, I’m convinced the market can bear more increases. Gary and I watched a ostentatiously large SUV with a single occupant accelerate down the highway in a manner that prompted Gary to say, “And that guy would pay $5 […]