At The Fun Spot

Last night Gary rented some movies and one we watched was The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. This film documents the battle between two video game junkies for Donkey Kong world domination. I unknowingly thought it was a totally made up scenario with actors, but I was wrong. It’s an understandable mistake if […]

Spring Weather

You northerners probably read blogs down south about 70 degree days and think that once it gets warm down here, it stays warm. It doesn’t. In fact, in the North Carolinian latitudes, Spring is a series of warming climes followed by a cold front. Repeat process umpteen zillion times from late February through mid May […]

I Can Hear Your Heart Beat

Yesterday, we went back to the Birth Center for our second appointment and this time I brought Gary along. Everything went fine. I happen to have a tall, narrower uterus than average, so that’s why my fundal height is a bit bigger than standard charts would suggest for 16 1/2 weeks. In comparison to what […]

Dressing For The Part

I put on my size medium sweater today that I had bought with my early size increase in mind. I looked in the mirror forwards and sidewards. Eh. A little tight, but not bad. So long as I wear two shelf bra camisoles to keep the girls where they belong, I should be able to […]


This past week I only logged half as many bike miles as the previous week and the “taper” paid off today on the Tuesday lunch ride. No, I didn’t rip any legs off. No, I didn’t even drop anyone. I did feel better, though, which meant I didn’t get dropped and my legs stayed attached […]