Be Flexible

I’ve been stretching more. It probably helps that I’m not running either, but I really am feeling certain parts loosening up that previously seem to stay tight. This is encouraging.

I think yoga twice a week helps too. Wednesday night we did something the teacher referred to as “Chinese toe torture.” Basically, you sit […]

Chilly Cheeks

Feeling pretty good today. Gary keeps laughing at me prancing around announcing, “Look at my belly! Look at my chest! Look how big they are!” Ha ha ha. I’m so funny. Good thing Crumpler enjoys my humor. Otherwise, I’d be bopping around saying things to amuse myself. I much prefer to have an appreciative audience.


Ask Answerpants

This morning I was in one of those smart-alecky moods where I acted like I knew the answer to everything and if not, well then I could make something up just as good and more humorous anyway. I know, I know…me? Smart-alecky? Never. Nonetheless, my poor hubby was the brunt of this jive attitude and […]

Running False Start And Hormonal Dramatics

Yesterday I tried to go for a jog and check out the achilles. It still felt tight and funny and wrong so I stopped after .1 miles and jumped on the trainer instead. To break up the trainer session, I intermittently switch over to the inclined sled doo-hicky that is also on our back porch. […]

More Bike, More Yoga

Met up with Alisha again today to ride, this time at Umstead. No four hour rides today. I lasted 2 1/4 hours this time and was a good bit colder than yesterday. Go ahead and laugh, you Northerners, but mid-40’s is cold when it got up to high 50’s the day before. And warmer earlier […]