Early Evenings

Not being a morning person, I used to do the bulk of my workouts early evening, between work hours and dinner. Even on days that I lagged mid-afternoon, I managed to get a second wind in time to workout. Or maybe the workout gave me a second wind.

Lately, if I wait until that […]

Still Riding And Sneezing

Lately I’ve been a real sneeze factory. Maybe it’s because we’ve been painting the downstairs. Gary’s been doing most of the painting (thanks honey), and I don’t seem to smell it so I didn’t think it was a problem. The itchy rash problem comes and goes too, but that’s nothing new. I hate it, but […]

Climbing The Walls With Color

Current home improvement project numero zillion is painting living room, hall and dining room walls. This is the Cracker Bitz color I’ve mentioned before. The trim color is breadbasket, the next shade darker. While neither of these names sound all that friendly to a gluten free girl like me, they are mighty fine looking on […]

What I’ve Learned So Far

I’m making progress on developing a rosetta stone of reading bodily signals while pregnant, or at least for the first trimester. For those of you who haven’t been through it yourself, I must warn you that it makes no darned sense. In particular, if you’ve become adept at reading your bodily signals as an athlete, […]

Better Days

Monday was tough. That was the pukey of all pukey days. I was going to ride the Powercranks that night but instead I collapsed into a nappy nap. Sometimes the bun has more sway than the oven, you know what I mean?

Tuesday was better. I rode an hour with a co-worker over lunch even […]