Spitting Images

One day Remy started sticking out his tongue all the time. Not sure why, but it was cute. Then as quickly as that habit came, it was replaced by the spitting. Minutes of zerbert type spits. Since he doesn’t seem to do this when he’s completely engaged in something, we think it might be a […]

Run Of Luck

I headed out in the balmy 68-70 degree weather for my hour run loop and was briefly waylayed by a four leaf clover in my yard. I have a talent in finding those things and I don’t even have to be looking. I take it as a sign of luck when that happens because I’m […]

2008 Reading List

I started the current reading list back in December 22nd of 2007, and it’s getting a bit unweildy. It’s time to move the finished items off the page and start new for 2009. I’m pretty impressed with how much is there although I imagine the pace will remain slowed due to other priorities (errr..Remy). It […]

Things I Was Wrong About

1. Both Gary and I have a full head of hair. Thick hair. I figured our progeny would be the same, but so far that is not the case. He has a light smattering of fine brown hair.

2. Both Gary and I were on the small side when young. We figured our child […]

First Christmas

Big day for the little one, not that he’ll remember any of it. That’s what pictures are for, right? We didn’t get that many, but did manage to get sort of a shot of Remy’s special Christmas outfit. The reindeer on the butt is adorable. So cute, apparently, that my mother and I couldn’t keep […]