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OK. I’ve been holding out on you guys for over 24 hours now. As you know, The Crumpler and I have been trying to start a family. Oh, don’t even feign suprise. If you read this blog, you know it. If you read Community Sports News, you know it. If you are our parents or […]

Awesome Trail Running Weather

I woke up this morning to the patter patter patter of rain. Ah, yes! That singletrack run is going to be super fun! Splash splish splosh through the puddles. Leaping over rocks and roots. This 52 degree weather just might be a little warm…until I came to a part a little exposed to the wind. […]

Creative Gift– Lady Ketchin’ Kit

My younger brother is still single living the bachelor life style. Working, drinking beer, swimming, drinking beer, etc. Recently, he got a dog whom he named Mandy (after Amanda Beard), because it would have been too obvious to name her Chick Magnet. He says the dog is helping.

I have to say he’s a real […]

Gifted Rap

As Alisha Lion recently admitted, she likes rap and hip hop music. She’s not the only one. There’s plenty of that genre of music on my MP3 player, and you know I’ve got my own rap name too and no shortage of other recommendations.

Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that all […]

Community Sports News Article

Here’s a scan of the local sports newspaper that covers just about everything non-traditional sport related for those living in Durham and Orange counties. Since I live in Durham county, any time I place or win, it’s in there among all the other race coverage. This article is different as it’s the first time that […]

What A Difference A Year Makes

It’s the day after Christmas and here I sit writing blog posts, scheduling phone interviews and helping my colleague out with fun payroll processing all the while finding some time to fit in a short run. A year ago was a very different scene. Gary and I were on a plane heading to El Paso, […]

Making Changes Ain’t Easy

If you’re reading this from my blog pages instead of an RSS feed and are not blind then you’ve noticed some non-subtle changes to the look and feel of my blog pages. After all– ’tis the season to start anew. Go with the fresh look. Turn a page in the book of life. You get […]

Happy Holly Day

Weeeellll…I did check my work email today, but I didn’t commit much time to the process, so this Monday was a true holiday. Since we are not travelling today, unlike many of you burning rubber on the tarmac from hither to yon, I had some time to do whatever I wanted to. Sounds like a […]

Guess What We Did Today!

Remember the cork flooring? Whatever happened with that stuff anyway? Well, we’ve been waiting for the official installation kit that we didn’t realize we also needed to order with the cork tiles. We also got some underlayment plus some shingles to shore up some of the lower spots. I take care of the morning trail […]

Measuring Up On The New Reading List

I read a fair amount. I always have been a reader, but lately I feel dissatisfied with the number of books that I make it through on a regular basis. I’m still reading lots, but I think a lot of this reading is of blogs and internet forums and magazines that make their way into […]