Dog Days

I’m sure everyone in tri-blogland has heard already about Elizabeth and her new Boss Dog. If not, you must go read about the Boss Dog adventures involving poop, carpet tufts and a big dose of cuteness.

But Elizabeth’s not the only one engaging in puppy love. Oh no. My brother Derek was experiencing his […]

Setting Goals And Prior Year Review

If you read around on all the tri blogs, you’ll see a common theme of getting back started training, setting next year’s goals and nailing down a race schedule. The time is right to do these things!

Now just because I’m not racing next year doesn’t mean I don’t have goals. I don’t think I […]


I did two different types of workouts today with two very different results.

First, I did a lunch ride with the John R. McAdams Engineering & Parata group. We covered 20 miles at a moderate pace, with some surges on the hilly portion. Let’s just say that after 20 miles I’m, well, warmed up […]

Trees Woods Cork

I had a good time this weekend at Umstead.

Saturday on the cross bike traversing the bridle trails for 3 hours with Eric. Nice and relaxed, admiring what’s left of the colorful leaves on the trees. Felt great!

Today was a single track run through the Umstead woods. As only the second single […]

Derek Parr’s Bonaire Open Water Swim

Here’s a brief note about my brother’s tropical 10k open water swim adventure that he did the same weekend I was in the Nevada desert preparing for my personal crazy event. Yes, I agree, 10k open water swim is a little on the crazy side too. And not to take away from Derek’s accomplishment, but […]