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Staying Connected

Tonight was my last long swim and yes, it was in open water. Yes, it was quite cold, but that’s what I get for swimming in a lake in late October. But that’s one of the things I like about swimming outdoors. Not the cold water specifically, but being exposed to the vagaries of the […]

So I’m Doing My T-Run Today

And I think, I feel OK, but why in the world are my legs tired even just a couple miles into the six-miler? This is only my second run this week, and I only just rode a relaxed hour and a half. Plus, I’ve really cut back this week.

Because I had to recover from […]

Durham Habitat Halloween 100 Ride Report

Ah, yes…the final long ride. One hundred miles. I did this ride last year, but 100k was the longest option. I remember that it was windy and a race of attrition that ended with me riding solo the final miles. I hoped that today would be a bigger group that stays together. Fortunately, this wish […]

…You Might As Well Go Swimming.

Yes, for real this time. It is still raining, on and off, but this time I wetsuited up and sloshed into the cool dingy lake. Oh my yes, the water is officially cold. Despite wetsuit, my face and hands and feet remained chilled throughout the swim. Let’s be honest, my hands and feet are still […]

If You’re Going To Get Wet…

As they say, you might as well go swimming. That was going to be my theme today, because (hallelujiah) it is raining and I was going to go swimming later. This was the plan until I opened my mouth to speak and got a raspy output. No problem, think I, my pipes just need to […]

Great Advice

Lately, The Crumpler and I have been delving into stock market trading. I don’t know what exactly prompted this new interest, but we even got the Trading for Dummies book, which was helpful, but slightly repetitive after a while. We also have The Little Black Book of Microcap Investing, which is pretty good, and Technicial […]

Joining The Lunch Ride

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. That was how my day started. One “ow” for each step down the stairs (there are lucky 13) in honor of the glorious pain my hamstrings, quads and especially calves are shouting with each forward movement. Morning #2 after the race is the worst when it comes to soreness, I […]

2007 Long Course Duathlon World Championships

It makes a big difference to have your head in the game. When you don’t, small details can escape you, and those small details can have big effects. I suppose I didn’t give this tough World Championship race the respect it deserved, but for me, it was a conveniently close race with competition that was […]

Checking Out The Rockstars

The Elite Athletes started an hour and a half after us and entered the bike course when I was on my 3rd loop. Vansteelandt was so fast that he was off and riding before I finished lap two, so I never saw him. I did see a majority of the elite men, however, which was […]

Pre-Race Carnivore

I suppose most people eat pasta for that carbo-loading pre-race night dinner, but standard pasta isn’t my fare. With my gluten intolerance, it’s gotta be pasta made from a non-gluten containing grain such as quinoa, rice or something. You just don’t find that kind of stuff in most restaurants.

At any rate, the true […]