2007 Powerman Ohio Race Report

The day started a little later than I had intended. I had an unusually sound sleep at the hotel and slept until about 40 minutes after my planned wake up time. A little rushing around and we managed to get going and get back on schedule.

The morning was cool and pretty uneventful. I got […]

Pre-Race Ride In Ohio

So after the long drive on Friday and late arrival, we took our time getting out of bed. We did eventually and headed out to the race site by mid-day for packet pick up and course scouting. Saw Craig and Eva Van Stratum, who seem to reliably show up at several of the same races […]

Long Scenic Drive

Yesterday we made the drive from Durham, NC to Bellville, OH. It was a long day. We rolled out of the driveway at 12:30pm (the second time– oops, forgot the camera) and finally crashed on the bed at the Quality Hotel & Suites at 12:30am. Whew. Long day.

Some of the highlights and lowlights include:


Linking In

For the longest, it’s just another trendy thing that I’ve shunned early adoption on. Kinda like the cell phone. I didn’t get one of those until about 2 1/2 years ago.

What I’m talking about is the online business networking tool, Linked In. After hearing a business colleague talk about how interesting it is […]

Putting The Silver Into Silverman

Just got the latest Silverman newsletter today. Man oh man, check out the opportunities for schwag and prizes! Swim / bike / run prem’s, plane tickets, vacation packages…not to mention the backpack, custom fleece blanket, a race belt, an official TYR/Silverman swim cap, and official Silverman shirt. Holy cow.

And all we have to […]