Tests And Trials

Sometimes life just hands you a series of tests. Testing for what? Oh, I don’t know, that we’re tough enough, smart enough and stubborn enough to get our acts together? That life isn’t meant to be fair or easy? That overcoming the difficult situations are the most rewarding and who doesn’t want rewarding, right?


Last Post For A Bit

Quickly before the battery runs down– we went all over today to find a converter so we can plug the laptop and other electronic items into the plugs here. No luck. Now, if I wanted to convert a German plug to be able to plug into a plug in the U.S., no problem. We really […]

Exhausted And Jet Lagged

What a long 24 hours it’s been! I don’t have much time because we have yet to get a power adapter so I can rejuice the laptop, but it was a long day made longer by a 3 hour delay out of Philadelphia and missed flight in Zurich. It’s dark here now and the entire […]

Bonus Post – Motivation

Surprise! If this works as planned, when this post shows up, I should be somewhere in an airplane or airport on my way to Germany. What a perfect opportunity to answer some more of those questions from the Ask A Question blog. You know, I don’t want to run out of questions, so keep them […]

Good News Day

First of all, we just had a good rain. I can’t tell you how badly our area needs rain right now. Surely there are deserts that have had wetter Augusts than we’ve had in our lovely “green” state of North Carolina.

Earlier today I had a nice, relaxing ride with Bri and Marty Gaal. They […]