Is It a Myth?

Swim time came tonight when storms were a-brewin in the area. Oh what to do?! In North Carolina, they even close indoor pools at the slightest rumble of thunder. Imagine swimming outdoors in a lake! I mean, the horrors of what could happen.

So what could happen?

Amie asked, “Have you ever heard of anyone […]

Jogging Versus Running

Somebody posed the question on Slowtwitch what the difference is between jogging and running. Someone said perhaps 8 min miles is the cutoff. I’m not so sure an arbitrary time standard is what it’s about. Maybe the best response on that thread was the description of what happens when each is stopped at a crosswalk […]

Chicken Little On Wheels

I’m sure you’re familiar with the fable about Chicken Little, the hysterical little living piece of poultry that turns a fallen acorn into worldwide disaster risking the lives of his friends to be eaten by a predator (or narrowly averts the real disaster depending on the ending). The upshot of the story is to avoid […]

North Pole Challenge

For those of you who cry when the water temperatures drop below 70 degrees Farenheit, I give you this. See how he just put his head in and went? Holy cow.

Thanks (I think) to Coach Danielle for sharing the link.

My Thoughts On This Year’s Tour de France

Admit it. We’re triathletes and we ride bikes. We all have opinions on this drama, one way or the other, and I’m no different. If the title of this post isn’t clear enough, these will be my opinions written on my blog. If you see things differently, that’s fine. Try not to be offended. Not […]