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It’s True What They Say About Western Oregon

It does rain every day. Maybe not everywhere and maybe not all day long, but it does rain, especially in the hills.

We discovered that the best route to Hagg Lake from Beaverton isn’t through town and the endless stoplights, but down through the country. It’s not as straight a shot, but it takes […]

2007 USAT Aquathlon National Championship

My fortune cookie with dinner read, “you have great physical powers and an iron constitution.” Perfect. Today’s aquathlon may have been a small field of 30 or women or so, but a national championship win still lets me say I’m a national champ, which is a very cool thing.

Speaking of cool, the day […]

I’m In Oregon!

Yesterday was a long travel day starting very early in the morning Eastern Time and arriving at the hotel in Beaverton early afternoon Pacific Time. I got to sightsee some neat stuff from the air including parts of South Dakota, Badlands National Park and the snowy peaks of the Cascade Mountains. I even saw a […]

Fierce Competition At USAT Nationals

Oh my GOSH! I admit it– I LOVE seeing my name listed here. You know what else I notice? Half those girls are in my age group! Holy cow…

Article reproduced below:


Competition to be Fierce in Portland

< […]

Treading Water

I was beginning to wonder if anyone else was going to show up for open water swim night. Gary and I floated about trying to take the temperature of the water, but then lost the thermometer to the murky deeps. Then Paul McCall showed up. We swam a little, nice and easy. Then we catch […]

Where Did I Come From?

It’s been requested that I share my athletic history story with the masses. It all started a long time ago…about 9 months before August 19, 1970. I don’t really remember that part, but it must have been an exciting moment. Just kidding. Not that far back.

Anyway, I’ve written this up before, but it was […]

Selma Law Enforcement 5k Run

Friday saw me feeling a bit tired and sore, so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel trying to run a fast 5k today. The course is nice and flat as a pancake, so if someone’s feeling good, it’s a PR course for sure. This is something to consider if you’re looking for such a course, […]


I may not know a whole lot but that doesn’t stop me from having opinions. Lots of them, some even educated.

In my opinion, I’m not open water swim event expert, yet my brother mentioned to my Mom that my presence at his Swim Hash lended it some credibility. I think (opinion, again) this […]

Same Time, Same Place, Different Day

It’s time for the Marina Time Trial again! There was a little wind again– this time head winds down, tail wind back– that were stronger during warmup than during the actual Time Trial. I’d like to think that the winds continued to diminish as I went, so I can say that I had more head […]

Just Call Me Thrill Seeker

I may have a career in Human Resources, but you’ll never catch me engaged in a pleasurable discussion about health benefits. There’s just a lot about the topic that annoys me, and I like to avoid thinking about and talking about things that annoy me. So what am I doing in this post? I’m going […]