Swimming In Bath Water

Since Monday was Memorial Day, and on that day the lake is filled with innumerable and often innebriated boaters, skiiers and ski-dooers, we moved our open water swim to Wednesday night. Here’s who was there:

Chris Tommerdahl Stacey Richardson JoAnna Younts Alicia Parr Duncan Hoge Andrew Herring Jen Parks

The air was warm […]

Cascade Falls Recovery Hike

After such a hard effort at the end of a big three-week build, it was critical to focus on recovery today. So no run, but yes to the hike up to Cascade Falls. There’s something about the sound of a rushing creek offset by the wet-mossy-woodsy smells and dappled sunlight through the hardwood canopy that […]

Mountains of Misery Ride Report

This is most definitely not the kind of workout you want to slog through because you’re already sore and tired, but that’s how I did Mountains of Misery today. When we started to roll I noticed that my legs felt like they do at the end of a long ride. I kept hoping that I […]

Fix A Flat

Gary put the climbing gears (12-27) on the road bike for this weekend’s mountain ride so I figured I’d take it for an easy spin to make sure everything was kosher. About three pedal strokes into the ride I got my answer and it sounded like this— pssssssst! My front tire had gone flat. I […]

Cycling Excitement

So this Friday night is the Raleigh Twillight Crit. The event even got a little plug in the local paper with some athlete interviews, so that’s pretty cool. I’m excited because I’m going to make it out to watch this year. So long as I get that track workout in earlier in the day, that […]