Absorbing Training

So I woke up this morning feeling really good. No soreness…on a Monday! Who ever heard of such a thing? On any given Saturday and Sunday if I’m not training my butt off, I’m racing my butt off. Result is pretty much the same for Monday morning — creaky and sore! But not this Monday. […]

Life Is A Mixed Bag

I had several friends race this past weekend with a variety of results. Some very pleased with their performance, one flatting early in the bike, some wins and high placements, some just plain really awful days. Not just in triathlons either. I attended Meadowmont Crit yesterday afternoon and saw the same variance in personal satisfaction […]

Track Brick Intervals

I’m not one to spend a lot of time at the track, but I didn’t feel like my first run mile at last weekend’s sprint tri went as well as it could have, so I decided to do brick repeats at the track. 800m run to 5 min on the trainer until I’ve run 4 […]

To Not Struggle

Yesterday I did a run and a trainer workout that ended up feeling easier than I expected. My legs felt tired from workouts earlier in the week, so I kind of expected to struggle a little through the workouts. I just finished reading Roy Palmer’s “Zone Mind, Zone Body” book, so I asked myself if […]

I’m Not Listening…la la la la!

A colleague told me she saw me on my bike the other night and yelled my name from her car and I “ignored” her. Well…ignore is only partially correct. For the most part, when someone yells out their car window when I’m on my bike in traffic, all I hear is wind in my ears, […]