Holier Than Thou

Every other road around here is named after a church, chapel or some other religious building. It is the bible belt, after all. So there I am on Green Level Church Road (see?) which intersects with Green Level Road twice but don’t take Green Level to Durham Road because it’s partly gravel– wait, where was […]

Brush With Greatness

So I fought stupid I-40 traffic and made my way to Umstead leaving at 4:50pm. On the ticket was a long, moderate run, which I started from the Crabtree Lake side. Cruising down one of the big hills I see this guy flying up it at least as fast as I was running down. Dude […]

The Water Is Unbelievably Warmer

Team mates Joanna and Stacey met up with me for a little dip in the Jordan. How would the temps be? Well, several more warm days and calm water gave us a really great surprise– water was between 70-74 degrees! How do I know? Well Gary the USAT Official brought his official water temperature measurer. […]

Spin Those Cycles And Ride!

So what’s the best thing to do after a pseudo race? Why go on a REAL ride!

I hadn’t made a Spin Cycle Ride in forever, so this past Sunday I checked my directions and rode the 17 miles to the shop with plenty of time to ready myself to roll with the group. […]

Hyco Lake Tri-O

I wouldn’t call this a race report, since it wasn’t a true race, just a group race simulation pretty much. Many thanks to the Pointers and Tommerdahls for putting this swim/run/bike event together.

As compared to Jordan Lake, Hyco is artificially warmed by a nearby power plant, so the temps were all the way […]