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Holier Than Thou

Every other road around here is named after a church, chapel or some other religious building. It is the bible belt, after all. So there I am on Green Level Church Road (see?) which intersects with Green Level Road twice but don’t take Green Level to Durham Road because it’s partly gravel– wait, where was […]

Brush With Greatness

So I fought stupid I-40 traffic and made my way to Umstead leaving at 4:50pm. On the ticket was a long, moderate run, which I started from the Crabtree Lake side. Cruising down one of the big hills I see this guy flying up it at least as fast as I was running down. Dude […]

The Water Is Unbelievably Warmer

Team mates Joanna and Stacey met up with me for a little dip in the Jordan. How would the temps be? Well, several more warm days and calm water gave us a really great surprise– water was between 70-74 degrees! How do I know? Well Gary the USAT Official brought his official water temperature measurer. […]

Spin Those Cycles And Ride!

So what’s the best thing to do after a pseudo race? Why go on a REAL ride!

I hadn’t made a Spin Cycle Ride in forever, so this past Sunday I checked my directions and rode the 17 miles to the shop with plenty of time to ready myself to roll with the group. […]

Hyco Lake Tri-O

I wouldn’t call this a race report, since it wasn’t a true race, just a group race simulation pretty much. Many thanks to the Pointers and Tommerdahls for putting this swim/run/bike event together.

As compared to Jordan Lake, Hyco is artificially warmed by a nearby power plant, so the temps were all the way […]

Faces of Uwharrie

So there’s a new Xterra Tri in Uwharrie this Spring, which is a pretty neat thing for other people who actually own mountain bikes and have off road handling skills. So why mention it? Because friend Dustin Shinholser happened to notice that I made the photo collage on the tri distances page. I’m right next […]

First Plunge

In North Carolina we’ve been blessed with more warm weather and temperatures easily in the 70’s and even touching low 80’s for parts of the day. Warm air can make it seem almost sane to test out the chilly Jordan Lake waters. Almost sane, unless you know that Gary’s official water temp reading is 58 […]

Lake O Licia

Suzy leg killer spin instructor triathlete teaches class at my gym Tuesday and Thursday nights. Tuesdays are interval night, each week’s intervals harder and longer than the last. I show up last night for the pleasure. Or is it punishment? No matter, it’s easier to work hard with company than solo on a trainer.


Can I Swim?

Since my last tri of 2006 in late October, I have swum a grand total of once until last night. Taking the break helped let some stuff going on in my back and hip ease up, plus the chlorine in those pools really aggravates my asthma and skin. In fact, I hadn’t been in a […]

Run For The Oaks 5k

I haven’t done this race in years and I wasn’t even sure I’d do it this year, but I decided a few days ago I could pull off a time that didn’t leave me feeling disheartened. The past couple weeks of run training have been pretty encouraging and marked by consistent improvement. Sure, doing some […]