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Gary’s Proclivity for Bulk

Back by popular demand and in honor of his coming birthday is more scoop on The Crumpler. Gary likes to fill our food coffers with large-sized portions. This way, when we run out (eventually), he can claim, “But we had 30 cans of that stuff. What happened to it all?” Duh. We ate it.


Lessons Learned, or Nice Shoes Dummy.

So it’s 40’s with light rain, and I opt to take my recovery ride to the Umstead bridle trails. I suit up with my layers and rain jacket. I reach into my bag o’ gear and I pull out the left cycling shoe. Wait? What’s this? This isn’t the mountain bike shoe! Arg. Uh oh– […]

Greensboro Winter Duathlon 2 Race Report

Aaah… the first horrible attempt at true speed. Not tempo, not a short spurt on the spin bike…an actual RACE of 2.3 mile trail run / 15 mile hilly bike / 2.3 mile trail run. After a pretty difficult week after a month of spiraling allergies causing me to swell up so much that even […]

Duathlon Worlds

I don’t know about you, but this article gets me excited about Du Worlds in Richmond later this year. What an event! I’m heading up to Blackwater to try and qualify and there’s another qualifier in Virginia earlier this season. Aren’t you excited too?

It Should Be Easy

Ho hum, go for an easy trail run, an easy 3 hour ride, whatever. For some reason I plan these things when I’m already tired– add in some lo-intensity volume– and my deranged brain thinks they should be easy. Then I’m out there thinking “ugh my legs are tired.”

Surely this is no big […]

Umstead Umstead Umstead

Yesterday – run at Umstead bridle trails. Today – ride at Umstead. Tomorrow – run at Umstead single track. I don’t know how much of the taxes I pay goes to the upkeep, but I guess I get my money’s worth. Certainly more use per dollar spent than I get for my gym membership, but […]

Yay Beer!

Gluten intolerance, which I have, means that there are lots of things that I can’t eat or drink and beer has been one of them. Outside some fairly typical moments in college, I’ve never been that big of a drinker but, you know, I did enjoy a good quality beer. Unfortunately, beer is made from […]

It’s Official!

I remember when I first checked out USAT rankings after my first season. I think I pulled off an Honorable Mention, but I don’t remember exactly. What I do remember is looking at the girls at the top of the list wondering how in the world they got points that high. The next year, I […]

Legs Coming Around

Not that I rode particularly fast this weekend– I didn’t– but my legs felt strong. Strong but not fast. I guess that’s how it should be in February.

Yesterday was a cross bike ride at Umstead bridle trails for about 3 hours. It was fun and I even did a transition run after. First […]

Having Something to Say

I guess we all do this for different reasons. By “we”, I mean those who blog or do some other sort of journaling. Part of the expectation of blogging is that there would be other people out there who would want to read what we have to say. Most times, I’m not so sure I […]