It’s A Mystery

What’s been aggravating my food allergies, that is. AGAIN, misery. Oh mystery, please be solved. Sigh…

So after feeling like doo doo for a couple days, I went to the gym tonight and did a little RPM cycling class and some core. Tomorrow we’re due winter weather tomorrow, so maybe I can use those Yak-Trax […]

Is That It?

So I did my short, little 12.2 trail miles today. Yeah, short, compared to the previous 22 miles. Since I’m all rested and stuff from riding only 4 hours yesterday, I do this run quicker than my other trail runs. It was good. I gazelled and loped up hills and floated down them, finishing in […]

Crazy Done Rubbed Off

So last night I’m deciding how far to ride today considering I’m tapering off some volume to rest up for the Uwharrie 20 miler in a week. You know, some decent mileage, but nothing too long so I don’t tire myself out. Something “shorter”. So I decide on 4 hours.

Later, I realize, “Good […]

The Inverse Relationship of Layers & Responsiveness

It’s a well know organizational truism, at least in Human Resources circles, that more layers means slower responsiveness. In other words, more layers of management, the more people have to review and approve something before anything can get done. That’s why small companies are “nimble” and big ones “slow and bureaucratic.”

Tonight, I have proved […]

Treadmill Dance

Let it be known that I abhor running on treadmills. It’s totally not bad at all to run in the worst of conditions so long as you’re properly dressed for it. Why in the world run on a moving rubber band to nowhere in a stuffy gym. Plus, it makes my calves more sore than […]