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Yep. You Guessed It. Head Winds.

As planned, I skipped the morning run and did some stretching and self massage. I woke this morning to a sunrise that belayed another light snow dusting. Great. Oh, and it’s frigid.

So we put off starting the ride until almost 11am when it’s in the balmy 40’s, although still […]

Long Muddy Mountain Run

Since it’s cold and there’s still snow on the ground, we decide to forgo riding and make this a long run day. We put in a moderate 10k this morning before the snow bunnie act, then head out early afternoon into the bowels of the hunting jeep trails of Sproul Ranch. One of the owners […]

Snow Bunnies

Things started off normal enough this morning. We loaded up the warmie gear and hit the trail for a nice, relaxed run to get the blood going.

We stopped a million times for photos of the scenery and snow, but Alisha got some good ones. See here for the photos from the run.


Far Flung Adventures

Oh gosh. Where do I start? The beginning, I guess. We got up and went running the other direction on the jeep trail. I turned around at 3 miles and headed back. I forgot to recharge the GPS so it died, so I don’t exactly know how long it took.

We got on the road […]

Ride Cut Short

So we’re saving the longer Fort Davis to Tirlingua ride for tomorrow. With the building up of the bikes, sleeping in, getting on the internet late morning and all, we just didn’t have the time. Which turned out fine. Instead, we did Fort Davis-Alpine-For Davis for a 60-miler. Well, Alisha did the whole 60-miler. More […]

We’re In Rural Texas! Finally.

Oh my gosh. We wondered for a while if we were going to make it here at all. It was the trip that never ended. Flight delays (mine & Gary’s), finding a pharmacy and spending eons at Wal-Mart to get Alisha’s prescription filled (she has laryngitis), and the long-long-long drive through the dark Texas desert […]

Protected: Tough Week for the INTJ.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Fort Davis Trip

I’ve been meaning to write a post about this. This? What this? A training trip this, that’s what. Training trip? What the…I’ve never actually taken a trip to just go train a bunch. Sounds down right crazy!

Alisha was talking about Winter training trips one day and I think, WHO does that? Professional atheletes? Well, […]

Bowen Works or Does It?

Recently, I put the thought (or wish) out there that I was looking for someone closer to home and work for sports massage and hopefully someone that could make a real improvement to my ongoing hip / back / glute issues. Oh, and also reasonably priced. Sound like a lot to ask for? Perhaps. But […]

Everything’s Falling Apart!

OK. Let’s start with the good part. The other morning, I woke up earlier than I needed to so I went back to sleep. Then I was out to run, ready to go, but wait– aren’t I injured? Can I do this? But I go and run…and I feel great! No pain. I’m almost floating. […]