Nice Sunday Ride

I told Alisha about my adventures in riding not easily like I should yesterday and she suggested a relaxed pace ride out of Apex Cycling Spoken Here this morning. If we finished in time (we didn’t), we could head over to Bond Park and spectate some of the cyclocross races.

Out of Apex, we headed […]

Pumpkin Race?

So the crappy, wet weather cleared just in time for the Pumpkin Ride, replaced by temperate, but gusty conditions. The turnout wasn’t very big, but several wore Halloween costumes, which was a kick. The most memorable was the jelly donut. How do I know he was a jelly donut? Well, my friend Amy Slater and […]

Test Run

Just got the new trail shoes.

The DS Trainer X’s are insufficient on rocks and roots, and I didn’t have anything that worked quite right. The Timberland’s that I ran in last year are too narrow to provide adequate stability. I really don’t want to hear that crunch sound again of my ankle flopping awkwardly […]

Back on Company Mill

Company Mill Trail that is. For those of you familiar with the Umstead circuit, that’s the single track lollipop loop that heads out of the Harrison parking lot. The map says it’s 5.86 miles, although it sure seems longer. I’ve heard people refer to it as 7 miles, which may be true. I don’t know. […]

Wet Recovery Ride

This morning I woke up feeling like I’d been run over by a truck. Not the tri truck, but like a semi. Ouch. And it was cold and raining. Ugh. Yet, I know a nice, easy ride is the best thing to work out the soreness. Finally, I feel a little looser and the rain […]