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Wilmington Sprint Triathlon

This is phase two of what my husband is calling the “Grand” experiment: can I effectively sprint two weeks after a 4k/120k/30k distance tri? Is recovery from the “Nice” distance quicker than from an iron distance?

So what’s the verdict? A fast day that felt very short. Let me tell you more…

After such an […]

Runaway Cars and Other Pleasantries

Yeah, OK. So where did I go? Why no posts?

Well, had a good workout Sunday of a nice open water swim followed by some transition short brick repeats to prep up for sprint speed. This was promptly followed by feeling tired, achey and bleah then waking up the next morning feeling like a car […]

Marina TT #6

Whether it’s wise or not, I can’t say, but my first real workout after Grand Columbian was a 10 mile cycling time trial. I think Gary & I brought the cool Washington weather back with us because it was cooler, drier and breezier than usual here. I guess we are coming to Fall. Goodbye summer…sigh. […]

The Answer to Your Question

Especially since I missed Tri Nationals this year, I’d really like to participate in some big age group championships in 2007. SC Tri Nationals in Oregon, LC Du Nationals, Tri Worlds in Hamburg Germany, LC Du Worlds in Richmond. If I get a pro card, I cannot do these. So there you go. I’ll revisit […]

No Limits

There’s a 17-year-old that did the Iron Distance race at Grand Columbian. That’s amazing in itself, but I wanted to share what I learned when my husband and I went to speak to him after the awards ceremony. First of all, he’s the most unassuming, modest, quiet young man you’d ever meet.

I asked […]

Recovery Day at Steamboat Rock and Bridgeport

After a decent night’s rest Saturday night, I woke still feeling pretty shredded from the previous day’s effort. Just walking was a slow process with my legs, hips and glutes feeling very weakened and fatigued. No surprise there. It was still well under 24 hours since I finished, so I had a ways to go […]

Grand Columbian ITU Long Course Triathlon

Today was amazing. Really. After Wednesday’s long day of travel, I wasn’t feeling super, but I was feeling better Friday and Saturday morning I just had a little tightness in my hip. For all the challenges, I felt like I would do well today.

It was chilly in the AM as I stretched, warmed up […]

Cooler in Coulee

Made the long trip of flights with 2 layovers and a 2 hour drive from Spokane to the Grand Coulee Dam area. Here’s what I have to say about the locale:

Brrrr! The mornings are in the 40’s and the temps creep up to low 60’s in the mid-afternoon. I am not used to these […]

Gifts. Or, Observations from Racing with the Lead Ladies.

Some conversations I’ve had recently with some triathlon friends of mine got me thinking about some things. The things we have that enable us to do this sport. The things we don’t have that enable others to do this sport faster than us and vice versa. I know when we go out to race, it’s […]

Watching Duke Half

This year, I did not race, as the big day came one week out from Grand Columbian, one of my major goal races on the season. It is local to me, though, and I had lots of friends out there, so it’s a natural decision to come out and watch. Plus, my husband was the […]