Rain Dance, Open Water Swim Chance

I know, I know.  We could really use the rain around here.  My husband seeded some bare spots in the lawn a while ago and the seeds nearly blew away like dust in the wind.  It seems like it will almost rain, but never quite really.  We got some sprinkles yesterday.  With Tropical Storm Ernesto heading this way, that’s all about to change. 

Rain or not, my lower back’s been giving me problems when I swim in the pool with all it’s requisite turning and flip-turning. Plus, going sans chlorine has been great for my skin and allergies in general, so I don’t miss it too bad. 

It’s a good thing my races all have swims in open water because open water swimming isn’t so big a problem.  Well, unless you count the part where I need to get some swim TRAINING in.  Maybe?  A little?  Sure, with half my childhood probably lived in a pool swimming laps, I can skate by with less swim training than most.  But the Grand Columbian has a 4k swim.  Let me say that again– the Grand Columbian has a 4000 meter swim.  When my average weekly swim training yardage since mid June is 3555 YARDS, is this any reason to be concerned?  Well, not too terribly, it will be floatie device legal (pardon me, wetsuit legal), but I’d like to not have my shoulders ready to call it a day before I even get on my bike. 

So, this means open water swim training.  Good thing I live driving distance to a decent, but unofficial swim spot.  It’s secret.  Can’t tell you where although lots of people already know about it. 😉

After a couple of successful, but short swims, I’ve been attempting to build up to a longer session at the lake so I feel a little prepared for September 17th.

Last week, I met my brother at the lake Tuesday night.  Thunder rumbled in the distance.  We hemmed and hawed and decided against taking the risk.  In hindsight, I don’t think the storm ever came up that far north.  But oh well.  Strike one.

Saturday morning I went out escorted by my hubby in a kayak.  No problem except my back, fresh off a long run, was KILLING me.  Not so great.  Cut the swim short to only one hour of swim, stop and grimace, swim, stop and grimace…you get the picture.  I don’t think I struck out on this one, but it wasn’t a home run for sure.

Yesterday afternoon, I meet Aaron at the lake for a swim.  Again– thunder and some lightning in the distance.  Aaron decides to go for it and I follow.  For a while.  When the wind picks up announcing the arrival of closer stormy weather, I make a beeline for the shore and spectate during the rest of his swim, which was cut pretty short too.  Dark clouds were swarming closer to us, so that was probably a good move.  Bah– maybe a single, not in scoring position.

So– TOMORROW morning, Alisha and I will meet to swim at the lake at 7am.  Please, Ernesto, spare us the fireworks.  Rain all you want, but not lightning and no thunder!!!  Please!!!  My back on barely hurt during my long run this morning so I’m due a good, strong, pain-free swim. 


P.S. Some psoas strengthening and other core exercises are bringing my back around gradually.  I also think avoiding the pool has helped by reducing unnecessary aggravation.  I believe I’m on the mend.  And the other previous injuries are all good.  Thanks.

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  • Brett

    Aww man, you could have been swimming with us on Monday nights at Jordan Lake. We (me and few other tri guys and girls) usually meet at the Seaforth entrance at 6:30 and swim till we’re blue in the face. We won’t be there this Monday due to Labor Day, no will I be the following because I will still be recovering from the Duke Half, but the rest of the bunch probably will. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send you some details. Unfortunately, we will be running out of daylight soon. Good luck with Ernesto!

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