Rain Dance, Open Water Swim Chance

I know, I know. We could really use the rain around here. My husband seeded some bare spots in the lawn a while ago and the seeds nearly blew away like dust in the wind. It seems like it will almost rain, but never quite really. We got some sprinkles yesterday. With Tropical Storm Ernesto […]

Flu Bug

Another long weekend on the heels of a tough, stressful week of work and I was concerned about staying healthy during these two important high-volume weeks in my build up to Grand Columbian. The travel last week was the killer, although I suppose that some might suggest that it was the mountain rides with that […]

Hilly Hellacious

Century number three in 15 days! I promised myself I’d do everything I could to stay with one of the front groups this time. This ride is a little different from Blue Ridge Brutal in that there’s a nasty climb about 10-15 miles into the ride that breaks the group up. I got a tip […]

Mountain Weekend

Yesterday was my birthday, and my gift was a big trip the North Carolina mountains for lots of riding and running. The big ride of the weekend was the Blue Ridge Brutal 100, which was true to it’s name at 101 miles with 12,000 feet of elevation gain. It had been more than a year […]

You Make it Look Easy!

That’s what a fellow female runner said to me at Umstead last Sunday when I was belting out a hard 10 miler. “Nooooooo….!” I said, or something to that effect. “Not easy at all!” I think I might have laughed between gasps for air. That’s good, though, that it appears easy. Must mean I’m doing […]