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I Have No Legs

…because the guys rode them right off today. For some reason, it was only my turn to pull when we were going UPhill. OK, I exaggerate. Suffice it to say my legs are really tired. The lactic burn was noticable for the last 20 miles or so. First thing when I got home, I found […]


Yesterday I ride the 4 1/2 miles to and from the Tobacco Trail to run 5.6 miles. I didn’t really pay attention to the temperature, but I hit the first mile pretty quick and then realized there is no way I can continue that pace. I drop back a little. I feel like a nightmare. […]

First Long Run Back

I made it through 9 1/2 miles last night. I barely felt the hip, so that was good. I kept remembering how it felt to run when I was in better running condition– Arg. So out of shape! I know it’s a temporary phase until I get a few weeks of good running under my […]

Hurley Formula 1 Sprint Triathlon – 7/22/06

The morning started out misting and wet, but the rain subsided well before the race start. The result was a cooler than usual July morning, which was really nice.

What wasn’t so nice was some lower back pain that had been plaguing me since my last run attempt early in the week. This worried […]

Race of Truth

That’s what they call the time trial. There’s no hiding. No riding in the slipstream. It’s the rider against the clock for a set distance.

In this case it was the Marina 10 mile TT up near Falls Lake. I missed it last month due to work, and I didn’t know how I’d do since […]

Closer to Fine

I like how sometimes a song will come on my car radio and really speak to a moment. Driving to the Tobacco Trail today for my run, I listened and sang (no one could hear me) to this Indigo Girls tune from last decade. And my run was just that– closer to fine. My hip […]

Bike Legs Are Coming Around

After having some fun with the DAMA crew open water swimming yesterday then testing the legs with a short 2 mile run, I was ready for the fearsome fast ride with the tri guys. When my 13 mile warmup to Cary with some elevation gain took me less than 40 minutes, I knew I would […]

Run Didn’t Suck.

I’m back at training gradually and back at running even more gradually. First run was last Sunday and the hip was still sore but more manageable. It kept it short and on trails. Then my right shin hurt. An ART session or two and I ran again yesterday. This time 5 miles. I could feel […]

Stacey Richardson’s Tri Nationals Race Report

It was a great day in Kansas City on Saturday. It was a weird day and I’m still kinda puzzled by all of it.

So —- Here’s that lengthy race report. Feel free to delete it now and save yourself the time.

This was my A race of the year. I haven’t tapered since last […]

So What’s Wrong With Me Anyway?

It’s a common question. Why am I getting injured on an annual basis?

As far as I can tell, there are a few factors:

1. My right hip bone is higher and rotated forward a tad, which puts a little curve in my lower spine. I recall an incident when I did something stupid […]