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The Answer is No

My first step of the run my hip hurt. Not a scorching pain, but a warning kind of pain. I kept going to see if it would loosen up and to better assess how things are feeling. The pain eased a little bit, but I was running lopsided and awkward. And I felt out of […]


A friend of mine wrote a race report of a race in which she did really well but had all kinds of obstacles in the lead up. At first I thought, why so angry? But I get it now. It’s an inside anger that you wouldn’t see from the outside, but the kind that steels […]


On the way back from the Active Release Therapy appointment this morning I saw a rainbow. To me rainbows signify hope– that there’s something really beautiful on the other side of the storm. A sign of better things to come. With pre-rush hour traffic building on the road, I didn’t have a lot of time […]

Foam Roller Reprise

So I go to a Physical Therapist today to check out the hip problem to see if it’s terminal. Rob Schneider at Balanced Movement is great, by the way. He checked some things out and I learned the following:

1. it’s not a stress fracture or anything that can’t be fixed fairly quickly (yay!)

2. […]

Over the Mountain Triathlon – 6/17/06

This Olympic distance triathlon is a beautiful race that I’ve enjoyed racing the past two years. I know some were looking to see me come back and defend the title, but I was most interested in shaking out the cobwebs after a big 3 week build in the lead up to Triathlon Nationals in a […]

Food and Rest and Food

Goodness. I’m feeling a little better, but boy have I been tired this week. What have I done since Sunday? Not much. Only workout was taking it easy in a spin class and a little core work last night. That’s it. I was going to do something tonight, but again, TIRED.

And don’t think […]


OK, I am tired. T I R E D. Three week build is done, now I rest up for Over The Mountain, race hard, then sharpen for the USA Triathlon National Age Group Championship in Kansas City. Things are looking pretty good, so I feel encouraged that I’ll race well over the next month or […]

Carolina Godiva Track Meet

During the summer, the Carolina Godiva Track Club does weekly track meets at Durham Academy on Wednesday nights. Since my body can’t handle track workouts all that frequently, I like to try and come out once or twice during my final lead up to a peak race whenever it works out in my schedule. Last […]

Hips Don’t Lie

Somehow I’ve realized that having my hips collapse a little during the stance phase of running isn’t efficient and takes energy away from forward motion. It also turns a paw-back motion of the leg into more of a push. It’s a subtle thing, but I decided to start working on this about a month ago […]

NC Masters State Champs – 3k & 2k Open Water Swim

I did this as a training event– a good way to get in lots of yards and real life open water race experience. There was also a 5k and 800m option, but the 5k started too early in the day, so I opted for the 3k / 2k double.

Among the favorites to win the […]