The Answer is No

My first step of the run my hip hurt. Not a scorching pain, but a warning kind of pain. I kept going to see if it would loosen up and to better assess how things are feeling. The pain eased a little bit, but I was running lopsided and awkward. And I felt out of […]


A friend of mine wrote a race report of a race in which she did really well but had all kinds of obstacles in the lead up. At first I thought, why so angry? But I get it now. It’s an inside anger that you wouldn’t see from the outside, but the kind that steels […]


On the way back from the Active Release Therapy appointment this morning I saw a rainbow. To me rainbows signify hope– that there’s something really beautiful on the other side of the storm. A sign of better things to come. With pre-rush hour traffic building on the road, I didn’t have a lot of time […]

Foam Roller Reprise

So I go to a Physical Therapist today to check out the hip problem to see if it’s terminal. Rob Schneider at Balanced Movement is great, by the way. He checked some things out and I learned the following:

1. it’s not a stress fracture or anything that can’t be fixed fairly quickly (yay!)

2. […]

Over the Mountain Triathlon – 6/17/06

This Olympic distance triathlon is a beautiful race that I’ve enjoyed racing the past two years. I know some were looking to see me come back and defend the title, but I was most interested in shaking out the cobwebs after a big 3 week build in the lead up to Triathlon Nationals in a […]