Occoneechee Mountain

My friend (and swim coach) Danielle suggested Occoneechee Mountain near Hillsborough as a great place for hill repeats on a cross or mountain bike. So we set a date and went out and did 4 climbs. It’s a gravel road that climbs about 200 feet in about a mile. I’m more challenged by the descent, […]

Latest Favorite Author, James Gleick

A while ago I wrote a blog post about books I was reading at the time. Lately, I haven’t had as much time to read, but have been going at two books by James Gleick– Chaos and Faster. I think James Gleick is hilarious. I don’t know if he thinks he’s funny, but I believe […]

Keeping It Rolling.

Pretty high volume weekend included 5200 yards in the pool, 105 miles on the bike and a little bit of running. Felt great until this morning, when my body didn’t really want to wake up. Creaaaak…. and tomorrow I’m riding 50 miles down to the parent’s place so we can eat grilled ribs. Yum!


Holy Humidity!

Tonight I did big gear intervals on the trainer on my back porch. Why? What else are back porches for?

One thing’s for sure. My back porch ain’t air conditioned. I knew I was in for a wet one when the sweat started beading during my small ring warmup. By the time I was […]

Feeling Good Today

Earlier I did an easy run on a flat trail and felt super good. Nice and relaxed but I felt so strong somehow, cruising a 7:10 pace, which is pretty quick for “nice and relaxed”. These are the types of workouts that are a joy and make the tougher days worthwhile.

Tonight was a swim […]