The Feds Are Here

Here we are in rural central Virginia for a small triathlon that Gary is officiating. Pretty rolling countryside. The race will be very nice, I’m sure. Me? I’m going for a nice long ride. We have a 60+ miler all charted out and weather’s going to be really great.

We’re checking into the hotel, which […]

Powerman North Carolina – 4/23/06

At Powerman Alabama I was sort of ready to race but still had some niggling stuff and my bike speed was still very “early season”, if you know what I mean. In the two weeks between Alabama & North Carolina, the injury stuff settled down as I grew more accustomed to the new, lower saddle […]

Not My Week.

Ugh. You know how sometimes you have days or weeks where things just don’t seem to go your way? Well, it’s my turn. I started my morning forgetting about an 8:30am appointment and missing it. Plus, I also found out I emailed the wrong version of a sensitive document to a business colleague. Arg. I […]

The Race Kits Are In!

Finally! The race gear, well some of it, has arrived. I’m a member of a new triathlon race team, the Stewart Engineering/Insideout Sports Elite Tri Team. There are 17 athletes on the team and we have some nice Sugoi race outfits and LG Rocket helmets for racing. Went to the store yesterday to pick up […]

Marina TT #1

So the tradition begins, throttle yourself for 10 miles on your bike in the name of speed work. There are a couple of monthly Wednesday night fiestas of pain around this area, but I’ve been going to the one with the shorter drive for me. The one put on by Sean Dinges up near Falls […]