Found in a book recently:

“I’ll try to be brief– we’ve done a lot of focus groups and people complain that I’m talking too much. They say it delays the show.”

– David Letterman

I don’t have anything to add to that. On with the show…

Zone Questionnaire

I visited an online forum for Peak Performance Online and saw a post from Roy Palmer asking for folks to fill out a questionnaire about achieving The Zone. No, not the zone diet, that feeling of functioning at a high level. You know, “in the zone”. I thought I’d share my responses, which are below: […]

Swimming Progress

Last Fall I swam lots when I couldn’t run or bike due to injury. No great surprise that when I didn’t back off enough when I started adding running back in the mix, I ended up tweaking my left shoulder. Oops. Swim training came to a halt at that point. After 7 weeks of zero […]

Charlotte’s Finest Duathlon – 3/25/06

So now my race season starts in earnest. I race every two weeks for the next couple months, starting with today’s short course duathlon in Charlotte. I looked forward to seeing my friends Pam & Kat, who were on the start list. Unfortunately, neither made it.

Charlotte’s Finest is a neat race, sponsored by […]

Dolled Up the Race Wheels

Saturday I try out the new race wheels. Well, new to me. I don’t buy much bike stuff new. Front is a Hed3 tri-spoke and rear is a wheel cover. Looks pretty hot on my pretty little Ti Litespeed. To add the Alicia flavor to the set up we got all arty with the […]