Being Right

Each of us views the big world through the tiny lens of our own biases, preferences and experiences. As I’ve already mentioned, no matter how strongly I feel about a certain position, I may not be right. I may be right for me at that moment, but it doesn’t always generalize to the population. I’m […]


As I sit watching Olympic short track speed skating, it reminds me of something. That something is what happens any time there’s a challenge for position in a pack of bikes. I’m always the first to back off. Now, I know that’s not much of an issue in non-drafting triathlons, and that’s probably why I […]

So, the Trainer Intervals?

First off, yes, I actually rode my bike outside yesterday. I waited until noon, when the temperature finally crept above freezing. I put on lotso lotso layers, so I was ready to brave the cold. Even so, I stayed close to home. I just wanted to remember how to ride my triathlon bike after many […]

Oh That Fickle Weather…

The past few days have been beautiful here. High’s in the mid to high 60’s and sunny. Gorgeous. I saw it through my windows as I worked. Busy busy. So, like “yay”, it’s weekend now, right? OK. Day started reasonable in the mid-40’s and quickly devolved into yucky rain and snow. Blech. Fortunately I got […]

Foam Roller Update

I tried the foam roller again at the gym last night. Just like before: a few times before my core / stability workout, a few times at the end. Honestly, it still hurt like Hades, but not quite so intensely. The improvement is encouraging. In addition, my husband ordered me a couple foam rollers online […]