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Being Right

Each of us views the big world through the tiny lens of our own biases, preferences and experiences. As I’ve already mentioned, no matter how strongly I feel about a certain position, I may not be right. I may be right for me at that moment, but it doesn’t always generalize to the population. I’m […]


As I sit watching Olympic short track speed skating, it reminds me of something. That something is what happens any time there’s a challenge for position in a pack of bikes. I’m always the first to back off. Now, I know that’s not much of an issue in non-drafting triathlons, and that’s probably why I […]

So, the Trainer Intervals?

First off, yes, I actually rode my bike outside yesterday. I waited until noon, when the temperature finally crept above freezing. I put on lotso lotso layers, so I was ready to brave the cold. Even so, I stayed close to home. I just wanted to remember how to ride my triathlon bike after many […]

Oh That Fickle Weather…

The past few days have been beautiful here. High’s in the mid to high 60’s and sunny. Gorgeous. I saw it through my windows as I worked. Busy busy. So, like “yay”, it’s weekend now, right? OK. Day started reasonable in the mid-40’s and quickly devolved into yucky rain and snow. Blech. Fortunately I got […]

Foam Roller Update

I tried the foam roller again at the gym last night. Just like before: a few times before my core / stability workout, a few times at the end. Honestly, it still hurt like Hades, but not quite so intensely. The improvement is encouraging. In addition, my husband ordered me a couple foam rollers online […]

Run for the Roses 5k – 2/12/06

I didn’t initially intend to run this race, but the race director was kind enough to comp my entry for winning the previous year. I knew I’d be less fast than last year at this time, but it would be a good shock to the system. A reminder of what it’s like to run fast. […]

That Harmless Looking Foam Roller

The other day I was talking to a team mate about her running injury and how it was coming along. She read somewhere about using one of those foam rollers on the IT band and started doing it and has been finding some relief. I’d used the foam roller before but on my frequently tight […]

Short Note on False Barriers

Lately, I’ve been hearing about barriers. Barriers to accomplishing a desired goal. Barriers to trying something different. Barriers to fixing a problem that seems worse than the path to fixing it. These barriers are presented with a wistful, resigned tone. “Sigh…I would but I can’t because…”

I’m not talking about the stuff that won’t […]

Broke Through

As I was telling a friend of mine who did a 20 hour training week recently, it takes a while to really recover from a heavy training bout such as my 18.5 hour one in late December. Even a week out from Uwharrie, I still felt rather heavy and sluggish. I accomodated by doing practically […]

Workouts to Build Mental Toughness

So yesterday, feeling all refreshed and ready (uh, kidding) after the previous day’s 20 mile trail run, I decided to go on a group ride with one of the cyclist groups in the area. To make it all the more appealing, I noticed it would be cool and windy. Sustained winds around 15mph, and gusts […]