This is MY Game. Or, Lessons from Federer

I’m no tennis player by a long shot, but sometimes I like watching a good championship final. Yesterday, I watched the middle to late portion of the Federer – Bhagdavit game of the Australian Open.

Both men are outrageously talented, but close observation of their faces and body language was telling. Federer was the […]

Lucky Weather Day

Went for a nice, easy recovery ride with my neighbor even though the doppler threatened a big rain. Although it sprinkled as we started, the rain never came. Just some breezy winds and temps rising to the high 50’s. Turned out to be a lovely day for a ride.

Gotta love the results from […]

Uwharrie Recon

One week out now. I continued to run well this week, but was progressively more tired after that long 3+hour deal last weekend. Yesterday’s workout got dropped and today’s run shortened. No biggie. I set a schedule based on best case scenario. Stuff often gets dropped or reduced, particularly at the tail end of a […]

Big Long Trail Run

In my build up to the Uwharrie 20 miler, I ran single track for over 3 hours. This was a big deal. I think the only times I’ve run that long (or longer) was at the two marathons I did. Never mind how far I went. Pace was “as slow as it takes”. What does […]

Hillandale Cyclocross – 1/21/06

Race number two for the day is cyclocross. As we finished up the awards ceremony, cyclocrossers started to show up and rain started to fall. Bleah. About the rain. Rain, that amazing mud-generating stuff. Prepare for the mudfest!

There are seven women at the start line, which is a larger number than most of the […]